July 19, 2024

fast-start resources

NYISO CEO Previews 2024 After ‘Successful’ 2023
NYISO CEO Rich Dewey highlighted efficiency improvements and the challenges of the continued electrification at the Jan. 31 MC meeting.
NYISO Approves Update to Fast-start Pricing in Day-ahead Market
NYISO's Business Issues Committee voted in favor of proposed tariff revisions that would provide all fast-start resources with their physical schedules for the day-ahead market.
ISO-NE Preparing to Move Forward on Day-ahead Ancillary Services
ISO-NE laid out the scope and timing of a project to incorporate ancillary services in the day-ahead energy market for the NEPOOL Markets Committee.
FERC OKs 2 Changes from SPP’s HITT Work
FERC accepted SPP Tariff revisions implementing recommendations from the RTO’s stakeholders on fast-start resources and ramping products.
SPP Board of Directors/MC Briefs: Oct. 29, 2019
The SPP Board of Directors approved a 9.1% increase in the RTO's administrative fee and the ITP 10-year assessment, while honoring retiring directors.
FERC Orders Fast-start Rules for SPP
FERC directed SPP to make Tariff changes to allow fast-start resources to set clearing prices, saying its current rules are not just and reasonable.
PJM MIC Briefs: May 15, 2019
The PJM Market Implementation Committee discussed capacity interconnection rights, carbon pricing, the RTO's market seller offer cap, and more.
FERC Orders Fast-start Rules for PJM, NYISO
FERC ordered PJM and NYISO to revise their tariffs to allow fast-start resources to set clearing prices, saying current rules are not just and reasonable.
CAISO Moves to Optimize Short-Term Unit Supply
CAISO is proposing to quadruple the number of hours in its time horizon for short-term commitment of generation units to better address load peaks that occur later in the day when solar output drops off the grid.
PJM Board Seeks Reserve Pricing Changes for Winter
The PJM Board of Managers directed staff to identify changes to improve reserve market pricing that can be implemented for next winter.

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