June 13, 2024

FCA 15

Highlights from FCA 16: No New Gas, No Big Storage
New England’s Forward Capacity Auction last month offered no big surprises, but it did hint at coming shifts in the dynamics of the region’s energy supply.
ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Meeting Briefs: March 17, 2021
ISO-NE's Planning Advisory Committee reviewed the 2021 CELT forecast, noting the progress the region has made in electrifying transportation and heating.
FCA 15 Closes with Big Jumps in Clearing Prices
ISO-NE’s 15th annual Forward Capacity Auction cleared with prices ranging from $2.48/kW-month to $3.98/kW-month.
NEPOOL MC Supports Changes to End Price Locks
NEPOOL’s Markets Committee recommend the Participants Committee support tariff changes that would prevent resources from locking in prices for seven years.
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NEPOOL Participants Committee Briefs: Oct. 1, 2020
ISO-NE will ask FERC to exempt EE resources from capacity performance payments without the NEPOOL Participants Committee's endorsement.
NEPOOL Reliability Committee Briefs: Sept. 23, 2020
The cost of the Greater Boston Project is expected to increase by $191 million, Eversource told the NEPOOL Reliability Committee.
ISO-NE Sees 722-MW ICR Jump for FCA 15
ISO-NE is proposing an installed capacity requirement of 34,153 MW for Forward Capacity Auction 15, a 722-MW increase over FCA 14.
NEPOOL Markets Committee Briefs: June 10, 2020
New England’s total wholesale costs of electricity last year fell 19% to $9.8 billion, according to the ISO-NE Market Monitor’s 2019 Annual Markets Report.
Exelon Challenges ISO-NE RFP in Bid to Extend Mystic
Seeking to extend Mystic Generating Station’s contract, Exelon accused ISO-NE of shortcutting its Boston competitive transmission solicitation.
Exelon Bid to Keep Mystic Units Running Provokes Outrage
Exelon provoked ire among ISO-NE stakeholders after signaling it plans to keep its Mystic plant open after expiration of its cost-of-service agreement with the RTO.

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