December 3, 2023


FERC Rejects NESCOE Request on Scarcity Rules
FERC rejected a request by the New England States Committee on Electricity to broaden the commission’s ruling raising ISO-NE’s peak energy rent adjustment.
FERC: FPA Change may not Solve Catch-22 on Vote Deadlocks
FERC said that a proposed revision to the Federal Power Act that would increase the right to appeal rate changes may have only limited effectiveness.
ISO-NE Scarcity Rules Unfair to Generators, FERC Says
FERC granted a NEPGA complaint that a penalty imposed by ISO-NE during a heat wave proved that a rule intended to punish resource withholding is unjust.
Court Asked to Force FERC Action on Disputed ISO-NE Capacity Auction
Plaintiffs asked a federal appellate court to force FERC to rule on the legality of the ISO-NE eighth Forward Capacity Auction.
Bill Would Force Review of a Split FERC’s Inaction
FERC's general counsel said  that there are “significant benefits” to allowing challenges to rates that take effect as a result of a commission deadlock.
ISO-NE Capacity Prices Likely to Fall in Future
The 36% increase in prices in last week’s ISO-NE capacity auction likely represents the peak for the foreseeable future.

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