December 10, 2023

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Regional Plan Association
NYC Congestion Pricing Plan Gets Federal Go-ahead
The Federal Highway Administration approved the environmental assessment for New York City’s proposed congestion pricing plan.
DOT Opens New Round of IIJA Funding for EV Chargers
The U.S. Department of Transportation announced a new round of funding aimed at putting EV chargers “particularly in underserved and disadvantaged communities.”
Feds Announce Grant Standards for EV Chargers
The FHWA announced key details of its effort to create a national EV charging network, including minimum standards and a plan for domestic content requirements.
NYC Traffic Congestion Pricing Aims to Tackle Climate, Enflames Emotions
The first national congestion pricing in New York City will charge motorists up to $35, creating economic backlash and environmental justice concerns.
FHWA Beats Sept. 30 Deadline for Approving States’ EV Charging Plans
The Biden administration announced that 35 states have been approved to receive federal funding to be used to build out a national network of EV chargers.
California Lays Groundwork for NEVI Solicitations
California agencies will start soliciting applications early next year from private entities seeking a share of National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure funds.
NJ to Invest $10.8M in EV Chargers, School Buses
New Jersey will spend $10.8 million to fund the purchase of heavy-duty EVs, including 10 electric school buses, and install 62 fast-charging stations.
Go Electric Oregon
West Coast NEVI Plans to Charge Up I-5 … and Beyond
EV drivers along the West Coast's I-5 should soon feel less range anxiety thanks to funds provided by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
Maryland Dept. of Transportation
States File Plans on Deadline for Federal EV Charging Funds
Every state met the deadline to file their NEVI plans with the FHWA, but many will fall short of meeting the guidelines that the program requires.
FHWA Proposes New GHG Reduction Rules for US Highways
A new proposed federal rule aimed at cutting GHG emissions raised questions about whether it would pass muster under new judicial review standards.

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