July 13, 2024

FERC Form 715

Montgomery County Planning Department
PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: June 8, 2021
PJM stakeholders will vote next month on the next steps of the RTO’s mitigation proposal to avoid designating projects as critical infrastructure.
TOs Vote to File End-of-life Rules with FERC
PJM Transmission Owners voted to seek Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval for Tariff amendments governing end-of-life (EOL) projects.
PJM MIC Briefs: June 3, 2020
The PJM MIC endorsed an initiative to update the RTO’s business rules to accommodate co-located generation and energy storage hybrid resources.
FERC Stands Firm on Form 715 Assessments
PJM must rebill parties with interest to reverse incorrect cost assignments for transmission projects to meet individual utilities’ planning criteria.
FERC OKs Allocations as PJM Adds $237M to RTEP
FERC approved PJM’s updated annual cost responsibility assignments for projects in the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan over the objections of ODEC.
PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: Jan. 7, 2020
PJM’s Planning Committee endorsed revisions to Manual 14F to remove the competitive exemption for Form 715 local planning criteria transmission projects.
FERC Opens Local Tx Projects to Competition, Cost Sharing
PJM must open Form 715 transmission projects to competitive bidding, with regional cost sharing involving high-voltage lines, FERC ordered.
DC Circuit Rejects PJM Tx Cost Allocation Rule
PJM and FERC must reconsider how they allocate the costs of high-voltage transmission projects developed to satisfy individual utilities’ planning criteria.
PJM TOs, Customers Continue to Clash on Tx Maintenance
Representatives of transmission owners and their customers once again staked their claims at a meeting of the PJM Transmission Replacement Processes Senior Task Force.
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FERC Sides with Incumbent TOs; OKs Limits on Competition
FERC ruled that transmission projects driven by PJM transmission owners' individual planning criteria are exempt from competitive bidding.

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