July 13, 2024

FERC Opinion 531

FERC Adopts ROE Methodology in MISO Complaints
FERC adopted a new methodology for calculating return on equity rates for transmission owners and applied it to two MISO proceedings.
FERC Takes Second Look at Entergy Arkansas ROE
FERC is re-evaluating how its 2018 decision on transmission owners’ return on equity might affect Entergy Arkansas’ unit power sales tariff from 2013.
FERC Discloses Data Behind New England ROE Order
FERC disclosed data underlying its new formula for setting ROE rates for New England transmission owners and explained how it influenced the methodology.
FERC Changing ROE Rules; Higher Rates Likely
FERC signaled a major change in how it sets transmission owners' return on equity rates; no longer relying solely on the discounted cash flow model.
EEI White Paper Calls for End to `Pancaked’ Rate Cases
The Edison Electric Institute has released a white paper that proposes raising the hurdles for those challenging transmission owners’ returns on equity.
FERC Rejects New England Tx Owners on ROE
FERC rejected a bid by New England transmission owners to increase their return on equity to levels before a 2014 commission order.

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