July 15, 2024

FERC Order 2000

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Stakeholders Weigh in on RTOs’ Responses to Changing System Needs
RTO stakeholders presented FERC with a cornucopia of suggestions for dealing with electrification and the increasing penetration of renewables.
ISO/RTO Council
Ex-FERC Officials Urge Commission to Expand Organized Markets
Nine former FERC members urged the commission Wednesday to push for organized power markets in all regions of the country, including the West and Southeast.
New FERC Rules Sought on Transmission Planning
A group of former FERC chairs said the commission should issue new transmission planning rules to help decarbonize and provide resilience & energy security.
Ex-FERC Chairs Celebrate 20 Years of RTOs
Former FERC chairs celebrated two decades of RTOs with a call on legislation to increase interregional transmission and price carbon emissions into markets.
Former FERC Chairs Reminisce, Sound Off at EBA
The Energy Bar Association closed its annual meeting with an entertaining panel discussion with five former FERC chairs.
Can RTO Stakeholders Find Consensus on Big Issues?
RTO Insider’s Rich Heidorn Jr. spoke with Christina Simeone of the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy about her study on PJM’s governance.
Western Regulators Get Schooled in RTO Legal 101
The West’s utility regulators took a crash course on the legal implications of their utilities joining organized electric markets (RTOs)at the spring 2018 joint CREPC-WIRAB meeting.
PJM Unit to Help Develop Western Markets
PJM and reliability coordinator Peak Reliability announced Thursday they will explore the development of electric markets and other services in the West.
RTOs: ‘A Form Between Government and Business’
A 2007 article in the Energy Law Journal by Michael H. Dworkin and Rachel Aslin Goldwasser gave perhaps the definitive answer of what an RTO is.
SPP Takes on Grid Management in Great Plains
SPP has expanded its electric grid management from eight to 14 states, adding more than 5,000 MW of peak demand and 9,500 miles of transmission lines in the Great Plains.

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