December 11, 2023

FERC Order 2222

FERC Accepts ISO-NE Order 2222 Compliance Filing

FERC accepted ISO-NE’s third compliance filing for Order 2222, ruling that the RTO’s proposal does not pose prohibitive barriers to market participation for distributed energy resource aggregations.

Solar Energy Industries Association
Energy Bar Assoc. Panelists Urge Midwest to Get a Jump on DER Aggregations
Midwestern parties need to act more urgently to open wholesale markets to DER aggregation, panelists said during a meeting of the Midwest chapter of the Energy Bar Association.
WPPI Energy
FERC: MISO’s 2030 Finish Date on Order 2222 Compliance not Soon Enough
FERC said MISO didn’t justify the need for an additional five-year gap between completion of its new market platform in 2024 and the first DER aggregation registrations in late 2029.
Renewable Thermal Storage Could Zero out Industrial Heat Emissions
Thermal energy storage powered by renewables could be a flexible, cost-effective way to decarbonize heavy industry in the U.S., according to a new report from the Renewable Thermal Collaborative and Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.
FERC Responds to ISO-NE Rehearing Request on Order 2222
FERC agreed to delay the implementation date in the forward capacity market while clarifying that host utilities are not excluded from the flow of metering information to the RTO.
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Clean Energy Groups Protest NYISO DER Proposal
Advocates filed a protest with FERC arguing that NYISO’s proposal to facilitate market participation of DER aggregations discriminates against smaller aggregations
FERC Seeks More Info on NYISO DER Aggregation Proposal
FERC asked NYISO to provide additional detail on its proposed tariff revisions for integrating DER aggregations into its markets, including a rationale for its 10-kW minimum.
FERC Briefs: Orders Addressing Arguments Raised on Rehearing
A summary of FERC orders explaining why it denied rehearing request, which are automatically deemed denied unless the commission acts within 30 days.
NYISO Defends DER Aggregation Proposal, 10-kW Minimum
NYISO defended its call for a 10-kW minimum for DERs participating in aggregations, which regulators and clean energy groups protested in FERC filings.  
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Clements Discusses FERC’s Role in Grid Transition
Utility regulators should not view planning for the grid’s transition as a political act, FERC Commissioner Allison Clements told the EBA's annual meeting.

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