July 15, 2024

FERC Order 2222

Paper Examines How to Properly Value DER Grid Contributions
The use of distributed energy resources can reduce grid costs, delay system upgrades, authors contend.
FERC Directs ISO-NE to Submit Another Order 2222 Compliance Filing
FERC directed ISO-NE to submit an additional filing to specify its metering and telemetry practices for distributed energy resource aggregations.
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MISO Offers 2-stage Plan for DER Aggregations in Markets
MISO hopes it can use a two-step approach to Order 2222 compliance, first using a demand response category in 2026, with full market participation of aggregations of distributed resources still on the RTO’s original 2030 timeline that FERC refused last year.
Still More Work for ISO-NE on Order 2222 Compliance
FERC accepted an Order 2222 compliance filing by ISO-NE while requiring the RTO to make an additional filing to detail deadlines for distributed energy resource aggregators to submit metering data.
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MISO Members Mull Full Impact of DER Aggregations in Markets
MISO members pondered at Board Week over how quickly the full impact of Order 2222 will be felt across the footprint.
FERC Finds SPP Partly Complies with Order 2222
SPP’s latest attempt to comply with FERC Order 2222 has resulted in the commission’s partial acceptance and a directive to make another compliance filing.
ISO-NE CLG Highlights Importance of Demand Response
Speakers at the ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group meeting stressed the importance of proactive efforts to unlock the potential of demand response and peak shifting.
NYISO Defends 10-kW Minimum for DER Aggregation Participation
NYISO defended its proposal to set a 10-kW minimum requirement for distributed energy resources to participate in an aggregation. 
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FERC Orders Change to MISO Order 2222 Compliance Plan
FERC ordered an after-the-fact addendum to MISO’s Order 2222 compliance plan after being alerted to an inconsistency by WPPI Energy.
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CPower Event Charts the Future of Virtual Power Plants
CPower hosted an event outside D.C. that charted the demand response's industry's evolution to a virtual power plant model that can help the industry manage the growing share of DERs coming onto the grid.

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