December 7, 2023

FERC Order 890

FERC Tech Conference Highlights Regulatory Gaps on Transmission Oversight
FERC's technical conference highlighted gaps between the commission, state regulators and RTOs in their oversight of transmission planning.
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Transmission Industry Hoping for Landmark Order(s) out of FERC ANOPR
Electric transmission providers are pinning their hopes for long-sought changes on FERC’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.
FERC Rejects GridLiance Local Tx Planning Proposal
FERC rejected GridLiance High Plains’ proposal to conduct local transmission planning for nonpublic SPP utilities outside of the company’s service territory
New FERC Rules Sought on Transmission Planning
A group of former FERC chairs said the commission should issue new transmission planning rules to help decarbonize and provide resilience & energy security.
FERC Rejects PJM Stakeholder EOL Proposal
FERC rejected a PJM joint stakeholder proposal regarding EOL projects, siding with transmission owners who argued the proposal violated their rights.
TOs Back PJM Decision on Supplemental Projects
Transmission owners told PJM its rules for supplemental projects satisfy the RTO’s obligation as a regional planner, despite protests.
CAISO Seeks More Transfers with Pacific Northwest
CAISO is exploring ways to exchange more low-carbon electricity with the Pacific Northwest, while WestConnect looks to absorb exports from California during overgeneration.
PJM Rebuffs Stakeholders on Supplemental Projects
PJM riled stakeholders when it rejected manual language approved by more than two-thirds of members on transmission owners’ end-of-life projects.
SPP Stakeholders Stop Work on Unreserved Tx Waiver
SPP stakeholders directed the Seams Steering Committee to stop work on a proposed a waiver from charges for unreserved transmission use across the seams.
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FERC Upholds PJM TOs’ Supplemental Project Rules
FERC on Wednesday rejected a rehearing request over PJM Transmission Owners’ revised processes for planning supplemental projects, ruling it in compliance with Order 890.

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