December 3, 2023

firm flow entitlements (FFEs)

SPP, MISO See $22.8M in M2M Settlements
SPP staff assured stakeholders they are looking into the causes of congestion around the MISO seam following a third month of record M2M settlements.
PJM MIC Briefs: Oct. 16, 2019
PJM’s concerns over FTR underfunding on projects with incremental auction revenue rights won’t be addressed through any Operating Agreement revisions.
MISO, PJM Eye Nov. Freeze Date Defrost
MISO and PJM said they will propose changes to how they determine flowgate rights in a white paper in November.
Outside Parties Slow MISO-PJM Freeze Date Thaw
Parties of a joint congestion management process are resistant to an update to MISO and PJM's freeze date, used to grandfather transmission flows.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs
MISO last month called on load-modifying resources for the first time in 10 years after it declared an unusual mid-spring maximum generation emergency.
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PJM, MISO Go Quiet on Pseudo-Ties; Reach Interface Pricing Accord
MISO and PJM have agreed not to publicly talk about the issue of pseudo-tie congestion double-counting until a FERC complaint on the issue is resolved.
SPP, MISO No Closer to Day-Ahead FFE Exchanges
SPP said it was concerned about the potential impacts of firm flow entitlement exchanges with MISO on its transmission congestion rights markets.
SPP, MISO Declare Year 1 of M2M a Success
SPP and MISO staff told stakeholders a memorandum of understanding between the two RTOs will solve most remaining problems with their M2M process.
SPP-MISO M2M Working Well, but Room for Improvement
SPP and MISO met last week with their stakeholders to review the first five months of market-to-market operations between the two RTOs.

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