June 17, 2024


Mass. Joint Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Mass. Climate Advocates Want Polluters to Pay for Resilience
Massachusetts legislators and climate advocates called for a billion-dollar fine on the country’s largest carbon-polluting companies.
U.S. House of Representatives
New House GOP Majority Moves to Aid Fossil Fuel Sector
House members squared off over a set of proposals from the new GOP majority to lessen environmental and other regulatory barriers to domestic energy production.
Counterflow: We See Through a Glass, Darkly
Columnist Steve Huntoon lauded the U.S. power sector for practically halving its carbon emissions since 2005 and suggested methods to further decarbonize.
Climate Policy on the Ballot Tuesday
West Coast wildfires, record-breaking heat waves and more than two dozen tropical storms have made climate change an issue impossible for voters to ignore.
Questions to FERC Nominees Reflect Democrats’ Wish List
President Trump’s nominees to FERC gave boilerplate answers to senators’ questions on hydroelectric project licensing following their confirmation hearing.
Gov.’s Support Puts Md. on Track for Fracking Ban
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said he will support a fracking bran, potentially making the state the first to enact a statutory ban on fracking.
Pipeline Foes Like Hobbled FERC Just the Way it is
Anti-fracking activists say they will oppose any nominations to FERC in order to keep it paralyzed and unable to approve pipeline projects.
Dems Unmoved by EPA Pick’s Charm Offensive
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee he did not agree with Trump's claim that climate change is a hoax.
EPA: Poor Fracking Practices Have Harmed Drinking Water
EPA said yesterday that fracking has harmed drinking water resources under some circumstances but that data gaps have made it impossible to quantify the scope of the problem.
Rejection of BLM Fracking Rule to Save Drillers Millions, Industry Says
A federal judge’s ruling striking down regulations on fracking on federal lands will save operators almost $100k/well, per an industry-sponsored analysis.

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