November 28, 2023

fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs)

Report Shows Rapidly Growing Need for EV Chargers in California

California will need to double its public EV charging infrastructure between 2030 and 2035, according to a new report by the state's Energy Commission.

Report: Fuel Cells Key to NJ’s Clean Energy Future
A New Jersey report focuses on the development of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles as an alternative to battery-powered EVs for long haul heavy-duty trucks, buses and other industrial vehicles.
NACFE: Battery Electric and H2 Fuel Cells to Displace Diesel
The North American Council for Freight Efficiency has concluded that hydrogen will be a factor in long-distance heavy-duty trucking.
After Lull, California Sees Uptick in New Hydrogen Fueling Stations
Growth in the number of hydrogen fueling stations accelerated in California, but the state is likely a year behind on its 100-station goal.
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Will Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Beat out Battery Electric?
$8 billion in funding for hydrogen hubs is "a start" but won't solve all the challenges the industry faces, panelists said at Infocast’s Hydrogen Hubs Summit.
Tesla Ineligibility to Shake up Calif. Clean Vehicle Rebate Program
A price increase for certain Tesla models has made them ineligible for Calif.’s clean vehicle rebate incentives, potentially slashing demand for the incentive.
Cleveland State University
Ohio Hydrogen Study: Blue Now, Green in 2050
A recent study concluded that diverting 15% of Ohio’s current Utica shale gas production to create hydrogen would be sufficient to satisfy existing demand.
NREL: Zero-emission MHDVs Will Hit Price Parity with Diesel by 2035
By 2035, zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles should be no more expensive than those that run on diesel, according to a new study from NREL.
California Ponders Heavy-duty FCEV Expansion
California’s hydrogen fueling network must expand beyond ports if the state is to meet its zero-emission vehicle goals, speakers said during a workshop.
City of Seattle
Seattle City Light Seeks State OK to Produce Hydrogen
Municipal utility Seattle City Light wants the same legislative green light to manufacture hydrogen for fuel as Washington’s PUDs have received.

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