July 19, 2024

gas hookup bans

Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Massachusetts Considers Legislation to Ban Gas in New Buildings
City officials and climate advocates spoke in favor of bills promoting electrification and fossil fuel bans in new buildings, facing opposition from industry representatives and gas workers.
Business Groups Try to Head off NJ Building Electrification Rules
A group of 24 New Jersey business and union interests lobby to halt a plan that would prevent the installation of most fossil-fueled heating in new buildings.
Mass. Net-zero Building Code Proposal Faces Barrage of Criticism
Many are disappointed that a proposed net-zero building code for Massachusetts does not allow municipalities to ban fossil-fuels in new construction.
Gas Industry Brings Fight Against Building Electrification to NC
North Carolina has joined a national debate over efforts by the natural gas industry to forestall such changes via laws ensuring “consumer energy choice.”

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