December 3, 2023

green hydrogen

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Researchers Explore Economics, Efficacy of Hydrogen Blending
The use of hydrogen, both for transportation fuel and blended into natural gas, is a hot topic among engineers and power producers.
Muhammad Aziz, Takuya Oda, Takao Kashiwagi
Counterflow: Hydrogen Reality

Green hydrogen electricity is a waste of money and time, says columnist Steve Huntoon.

FERC Dives into Reliability Implications of EPA’s Power Plant Rule
FERC hosted a senior EPA staffer and heard from the industry and states on how the environmental regulator's latest proposal to cut carbon emissions from  power plants will impact grid reliability as it is implemented.
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DOE Designates Seven Regional Hydrogen Hubs

If selected, the H2Hubs will benefit from up to $7 billion in federal funding that recipients will match with more than $40 billion in additional funding.

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Hydrogen Americas Summit Highlights Industry Poised for Takeoff
U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that while a lot of progress has been made, getting to a fully decarbonized economy is going to require new technologies.
Clean Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Feud over Tax Credit Rules
Power demands from the upstart clean hydrogen industry could lead to a dirtier electric grid.
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DOE Under Secretary: Industrial Decarb Should Happen This Decade
DOE Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) Director David Crane is bringing decarbonization to the 2020s — and taking industry along.
Gov. Jay Inslee
Inslee Signs Raft of Wash. Climate, Energy Bills
The governor signed climate bills related to sustainable aviation fuel, local land-use planning, transmission planning, pumped storage and more.
How Green is that Green Hydrogen?
Federal production tax credits for green hydrogen will depend on the "cleanliness" of the power used to produce it.
Constellation Energy Group
Megawatt-scale Demonstration Project Yields First Pink Hydrogen
Nine Mile Point Nuclear Plant became the first in the nation to generate its own hydrogen, Constellation and DOE announced.

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