July 15, 2024

greenhouse gas emissions

Google: AI, Data Centers Drive 13% Rise in GHG Emissions
Google's 2023 emissions totaled the equivalent of 14.3 million tons of carbon dioxide, a 48% increase over 2019. It expects further increases before dropping to its emission reduction target of net zero by 2030.
Schneider Electric
Report: Industrial Electrification Should Focus on ‘Easy to Abate’ Sectors
A new report from Schneider Electric says the U.S. could ramp up the electrification of heavy industry by 50% by focusing on easy-to-abate, individual processes.
EPA: US GHG Emissions Rose 1.3% in 2022
The topline figures from EPA’s new inventory of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 to 2022 show the country’s slow and uneven progress toward President Joe Biden’s goal of cutting emissions by 50 to 52% below 2005 levels by 2030.
SEC Scales Back GHG Reporting, Climate-risk Disclosure Rules
Under the finalized rules, the SEC estimates only 40% of U.S. firms and 60% of foreign companies will have to report their emissions.
Global CO2 Emissions Hit New High, Could Have Been Higher
Worldwide CO2 emissions hit a new record in 2023 but would have climbed even higher without the rapid adoption of clean technology.
EPA to Strengthen Emissions Regs for Gas Power Plants
The Environmental Protection Agency is delaying new emissions restrictions for existing natural gas-fired power plants. 
NY Drills Down on Statutory Meaning of ‘Zero Emissions’

The New York Department of Public Service once again is seeking input on what exactly “zero emissions” means.

Daniel L. Lu, CC-BY-SA-4.0, via Wikipedia Commons
Apple Supports Proposed California Emissions Reporting Bill
Apple put its considerable heft behind a California bill that would increase the emissions reporting requirements for more than 5,000 large companies that do business in the state.
Emissions Bill Stalls in New Mexico Senate
A net zero bill unveiled by New Mexico lawmakers has already stumbled, failing to advance out of a Senate committee.
Rhode Island Updates 2016 Greenhouse Gas Plan
A draft update of Rhode Island's climate protection plan indicates it is below the trajectory needed to meet its GHG targets but lays out steps to achieve them.

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