July 23, 2024

Greg Abbott

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Abbott Names PUC Executive Director as Chair
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed Thomas Gleeson, the Public Utility Commission’s executive director and a 15-year staffer, to chair the PUC.
Office of the Texas Governor
Texas Seeking Lead Role in Nuclear SMRs
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott directed the PUC to study how to position the state "as the national leader on advanced nuclear energy."
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PUC Closes in on ERCOT’s Market Redesign
Texas regulators narrowed their focus to the performance credit mechanism but disappointed some by not voting to recommend the market mechanism to lawmakers.
Office of the Texas Governor
Texas Gov. Abbott Touts ERCOT’s Fall Resource Adequacy
ERCOT has quietly dropped its latest report on resource adequacy, saying it has enough capacity to meet peak demands under normal conditions this fall.
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ERCOT Could Name New CEO this Week
The ERCOT Board of Directors could finally unveil its choice to lead the Texas grid operator in its continued recovery from last year’s winter disaster.
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ERCOT’s Legal Issues Continue to Mount
Texas’ Fifth District Court of Appeals in a 12-1 ruling found that ERCOT’s sovereign immunity claim has no basis in state law.
David Muehlenthal
ERCOT Breezes Through Latest Winter Storm
ERCOT, as well as SPP and MISO, comfortably met demand during last week’s latest round of winter weather, a welcome change from last February’s disaster.
ERCOT Issues Watch as Winter Storm Nears
ERCOT has raised its alert level as extreme cold weather moves into Texas, saying it is taking action ahead of increased demand to ensure grid reliability.
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‘Best Market in the World’ Faces Uncertain Future
Ex-ERCOT director Peter Cramton still has high hopes for the Texas grid operator, which he says is still 'the best market in the world.'
Abbott Signs Texas Grid Legislation into Law
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law a pair of comprehensive reform bills that he said would fix the “flaws” that lead to February’s power failure.

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