July 16, 2024

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Western Power Trading Forum
Stakeholders Call on CAISO to Take Larger Role in Reliability Planning
Gridwell Consulting
Congestion Revenue Rents Still Underfunded, CAISO DMM Says
Congestion revenue rights auctions averaged $62 million in losses between 2019 and 2023, down nearly $50 million since changes were implemented in 2019 but “still very high,” said CAISO’s Department of Market Monitoring.
CAISO Seeks to Address Market Power Mitigation Discrepancy
CAISO staff and stakeholders are looking to address an inconsistency in how the ISO tests for structural market competitiveness inside and outside of its balancing authority area in the Western Energy Imbalance Market.
Western Power Trading Forum/Public Generating Pool
Western Market Seams Issues to Differ from East, Study Finds

The study finds dividing CAISO’s EDAM from SPP’s Markets+ would create seams that pose a different set of problems than challenges seen at the boundaries of full RTOs in other parts of the U.S.

CAISO Discusses Year-ahead Requirements for RA Program

CAISO staff and stakeholders again dove into the details of the ISO’s resource adequacy construct, including potentially creating year-ahead requirements and refining the existing capacity procurement mechanism.

CAISO GHG Working Group Seeks Clarity on Problems, Definitions
A meeting of CAISO’s Greenhouse Gas Coordination Working Group illustrated the complexity Western stakeholders confront in addressing greenhouse gasses in the region’s expanding electricity markets.
Glick Says West Should ‘Finish the Job’ on RTO
FERC Chairman Richard Glick says "the time is right for the states, the region’s utilities and other key stakeholders" to form one or more Western RTOs.

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