July 13, 2024

Hurricane Laura

FERC OKs MISO Settlement Rules for Widespread Tx Outages

FERC ruled that MISO can apply new settlement practices to generators physically disconnected from the grid during extensive transmission outages triggered by extreme events.

Hurricane Ida Bears Down on MISO South
Entergy has warned that some customers could be without power for weeks as Hurricane Ida strikes MISO South. 
Hurricane Ida Thrashes Louisiana; Storm Darkens New Orleans
Entergy said Hurricane Ida caused "catastrophic" transmission failures Sunday, leaving more than a million customers -- including all of New Orleans -- in the dark.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs: June 10, 2021
The MISO Market Subcommittee meeting ran the gamut of storage participation, discovery of a longstanding energy pricing error and FTR underfunding.
MISO Tells Members to Prepare for Summer Emergencies
MISO says it has 146 GW of capacity to cover a projected 122 GW summer peak. However, staff said emergency declarations could be made.
Entergy Profits Unscathed by Storms, Virus
Vicious storms and an ongoing pandemic failed to hobble year-over-year profit growth, Entergy executives said.
MISO to Outline New Pricing Plan for Hurricanes
MISO hopes to have a more nuanced pricing plan before the next hurricane contorts transmission towers.
MISO Monitor Reviews Blustery Fall
Fall in MISO was a study in record wind production, but it came with a price, as it produced more than half of the quarter’s real-time congestion.
MISO to File Emergency Pricing Changes
MISO said it will file with FERC updates to its emergency pricing design, hoping to spur more action from suppliers when conditions get risky.
Laura Pricing Has MISO Stakeholders Scratching Heads
A briefing by MISO staff on the record uplift in the RTO’s energy market caused by Hurricane Laura left stakeholders with more questions than answers.

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