July 19, 2024

hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)

DC Circuit Overturns EPA Hydrofluorocarbon Rule
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned EPA's hydrofluorocarbon rule after finding the agency exceeded its authority in its enforcement.
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
NJ To Accelerate RGGI Fund Expenditures
New Jersey has been slow to spend Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative funds since returning to the program but is taking steps to speed up the process.
Report: NY Road Transport Emissions Up 12% Since 1990
New York’s first greenhouse gas emissions report compliant with the state’s 2019 climate law showed statewide emissions have dropped 6% from 1990 levels.
Washington Department of Ecology
Rulemaking Underway for Washington Climate Laws
Washington officials have begun the nuts-and-bolts rulemaking on three major climate change bills the state’s legislature passed in April.
California Air Resources Board Sounds off on Net-zero Roadmap
CARB board members sounded off​​​​ on a scoping plan that will serve as a roadmap for the state to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.
Bill to Cut Refrigerant GHGs Goes to Inslee
The Wash. House voted 56-42 to send Gov. Jay Inslee a bill aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from air conditioners and large refrigeration units.
UPDATED: Senate Passes Wash. Refrigerant GHG Bill
A bill to dramatically reduce Washington’s GHG emissions from large refrigeration and air conditioners is near a final vote in the Senate.

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