July 21, 2024

hydrogen blending

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Researchers Explore Economics, Efficacy of Hydrogen Blending
The use of hydrogen, both for transportation fuel and blended into natural gas, is a hot topic among engineers and power producers.
Massachusetts DEP
Mass. Stakeholders Debate the Scope of Clean Heat Standard
Massachusetts energy providers, consumers and climate advocates presented contrasting visions of what solutions should be included in a clean heat standard.
A Look at How Some Utilities are Planning to Use Hydrogen
In light of Biden administration decarbonization objectives, Hawaii Gas executive notes in webinar that fuel production byproduct has been providing hydrogen for sale to consumers for decades.
Hydrogen: Clean Energy Solution or Problem Maker?
The switch from natural gas to hydrogen for heating and use in heavy industry will require more than passing legislation to fund the transition.
Hydrogen Technologies a Major Theme at GCEAF
Hydrogen will be the new oil if national governments, including the U.S., can make it happen.
NYPA Reports Successful Hydrogen Test at Natural Gas Power Plant
The New York Power Authority reported success in a hydrogen-natural gas hybrid demonstration project at a 45-MW power plant it operates on Long Island.
University of California System Pursues Hydrogen Blending
The University of California in Los Angeles and San Diego are pursuing projects to demonstrate the effects of mixing up to 20% hydrogen with natural gas.
Study Finds Adding More Hydrogen to Natural Gas Raises Risks
A study commissioned by the California PUC warns that more than 5% of hydrogen blended with natural gas can increase the risks of leaks and metal degradation.

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