July 15, 2024

hydrogen fuel cells

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Hydrogen Americas Summit Highlights Industry Poised for Takeoff
U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that while a lot of progress has been made, getting to a fully decarbonized economy is going to require new technologies.
Port of Stockton
California Invests in Zero-emission Port Equipment
California announced $1.5 billion in port infrastructure upgrades, including for zero-emission locomotives, vessels and vehicles.
New York Governors Office
NY Moves to Boost Hydrogen Production and Development
New York announced two efforts to help boost hydrogen as a means of reaching its emission-reduction goals, including energy investments from NYPA and NYSERDA.
California Rolls Toward Zero-emission Locomotives
The California Air Resources Board plans to vote on a regulation requiring new switcher locomotives to be zero-emitting by 2030 and freight locomotives by 2035.
NACFE: Battery Electric and H2 Fuel Cells to Displace Diesel
The North American Council for Freight Efficiency has concluded that hydrogen will be a factor in long-distance heavy-duty trucking.
California Energy Commission Grants $31M to Manufacture Futuristic ZEVs
The California Energy Commission granted two companies $31 million to produce three-wheeled solar-powered electric cars and hydrogen powered big rigs.
Mitsubishi Power
The Growing Inevitability of Hydrogen
Whether made from natural gas or water, hydrogen is being researched and tested to replace fossil fuels.
Hydrogen-powered Commercial Air Service on the Horizon
A UK-based company is gaining altitude in the race to develop emissions-free aircraft motors.
Daimler Trucks North America LLC
NextEra, Daimler, BlackRock to Build EV Charging, Hydrogen Refueling Network
NextEra, Daimler and BlackRock announced a joint venture to build and operate a national network of electric charging and hydrogen refueling stations.
Decarbonizing America’s Ports Could be 1st Step for Hydrogen Adoption
The Green Hydrogen Coalition sees the nation’s seaports, heavy with air pollution, as an ideal starting place for a hydrogen fuel revolution to begin.

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