July 13, 2024

hydrogen pipelines

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Hydrogen Americas Summit Highlights Industry Poised for Takeoff
U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that while a lot of progress has been made, getting to a fully decarbonized economy is going to require new technologies.
A Look at How Some Utilities are Planning to Use Hydrogen
In light of Biden administration decarbonization objectives, Hawaii Gas executive notes in webinar that fuel production byproduct has been providing hydrogen for sale to consumers for decades.
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Lawyers, Industry Debate Path for Hydrogen Regulation
FERC may have a role in regulating hydrogen pipelines — and not everyone thinks that's a good idea.
Hydrogen: Clean Energy Solution or Problem Maker?
The switch from natural gas to hydrogen for heating and use in heavy industry will require more than passing legislation to fund the transition.
Energy-short Europe Importing More US Shale Gas
Europe is in a historic energy crisis, which will likely negatively impact the U.S. as shale gas exports increase, warned energy entrepreneur Thierry Lepercq.
Obsidian Renewables
Company Looks to Build Hydrogen Projects in Eastern Oregon, Washington
An Oregon renewables company wants to construct two hydrogen manufacturing plants and a network of hydrogen pipelines in eastern Oregon and Washington.
Mitsubishi Power
The Growing Inevitability of Hydrogen
Whether made from natural gas or water, hydrogen is being researched and tested to replace fossil fuels.
Could Hydrogen Supplant Natural Gas in Power Generation?
The Northeast U.S. could meet its winter peak power needs with LNG rather than relying on oil or coal plants, argues a Houston-based entrepreneur.
Senate ENR Committee
Senate Committee Holds First Hearing on Hydrogen Pipeline
Fears that FERC’s pipeline regulations will stymie development of a national hydrogen pipeline system pervaded a Senate Energy and Natural Resources hearing.
EQT Corp.
EQT CEO: Shale Gas Key to National Security, Hydrogen Economy
EQT CEO Toby Rice said expansion of hydrogen-ready pipelines to move Appalachian shale gas to liquefaction plants for export is key to future energy security.

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