December 10, 2023


FERC OKs GreenHat Settlements
The principals of GreenHat Energy will pay PJM $1.4 million to settle claims over the company’s FTR market default, which cost members nearly $180 million.
FERC Denies Motion of Kittell Estate in GreenHat Case
FERC denied a motion from the estate one of the owners of GreenHat Energy for the commission to drop its enforcement action.
FERC Levies $242M in Fines on GreenHat, Owners
FERC determined that GreenHat Energy and its owners violated the Federal Power Act by “engaging in a manipulative scheme” in PJM’s FTR market.
Estate of GreenHat’s Kittell Lobbies FERC to End Enforcement Action
The estate of GreenHat owner Andrew Kittell moved that FERC drop its enforcement action and investigate two of its employees for improper communication.

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