July 21, 2024

Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL)

BlueIndy Pulls Plug on EV Rideshare Service
Marketed as an eco-friendly alternative to car ownership, Indianapolis’ BlueIndy electric vehicle rideshare service will go out of business this spring.
Indiana Bill Seeks Slowdown of Coal Closures
The Indiana House of Reps passed a bill that could prolong the retiring or selling coal plants when the state is moving toward cleaner alternatives.
FERC OKs MISO Storage Filing; Rejects IPL Rehearing
FERC accepted MISO’s compliance filing spelling out rules for its new energy storage category, rejecting a protest and rehearing request by IPL.
MISO Intervenes in IPL Storage Appeal
MISO filed to intervene in IPL’s appeals challenging FERC decisions on energy storage compensation and dispatch within the RTO.
FERC OKs MISO Plan to Expand Storage
FERC gave MISO the go-ahead on a second type of market definition for energy storage.
MISO Storage Task Force Talks Order 841
MISO’s Energy Storage Task Force has been left wondering if it will help shape the RTO’s response to FERC’s sweeping storage participation order.
Progress Builds for MISO Energy Storage Effort
A MISO workshop fell short of defining energy storage market rules, but provided stakeholders an opportunity to hash out their thoughts on the technology.
MISO’s Next Step on Storage: ‘Common Issues’; Task Team?
MISO will schedule a “common issues” meeting in response to a request from a group of stakeholders to better define energy storage.
MISO Ordered to Change Storage Rules Following IPL Complaint
FERC ruled that MISO unreasonably prevents energy storage from participating in markets other than its regulation market.
UPDATED: MISO Asks FERC to Dismiss IPL Storage Complaint
MISO asked FERC to reject the IPL (NYSE:AES) complaint over energy storage rules, calling it disruptive to stakeholder proceedings.

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