July 19, 2024

industrial emissions

The Landscape of Clean Hydrogen
Report: Hydrogen Hubs Must Expand Beyond Those Chosen by DOE
Hydrogen report says Department of Energy hubs won't be enough and that more generation, and via electrolysis, will be needed.
DOE Announces $6B for Industrial Decarbonization
The Department of Energy will award $6 billion to accelerate decarbonization projects in energy-intensive industries, the largest investment of its kind.
Rhode Island Updates 2016 Greenhouse Gas Plan
A draft update of Rhode Island's climate protection plan indicates it is below the trajectory needed to meet its GHG targets but lays out steps to achieve them.
Penn., Ohio and W.Va. Considering Regional Hydrogen Hub
Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia have teamed up to launch a joint bid in DOE’s competitive bidding process for hydrogen manufacturing hubs.
Washington State House Democrats
Flood of Climate Bills to Greet Washington Lawmakers
Washington lawmakers will confront more than a dozen climate bills in their upcoming short session.
U.S. Forest Service/Lassen Natio
Too Late to Stop Climate Change, UN Report Says
A new report from the U.N. came to a stark conclusion: Climate change is irreversible, and unprecedented international cooperation is needed to mitigate it.
Shale Gas Could Decarbonize Ohio River Industrial Valley Industry
Shale gas, the bane of environmentalists, is a key component of the Biden administration plans to decarbonize heavy industry.
How NY Brewers Can Build Upstream Sustainability
NY Pollution Prevention Institute highlighted options for building upstream supply chain sustainability in an online brewers' summit.

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