July 21, 2024

Infocast Transmission & Interconnection Summit

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Overheard at Infocast’s Transmission & Interconnection Summit
Industry leaders, experts, policymakers and regulators gathered near the nation’s capital to discuss how recent FERC orders will affect regional transmission planning, cost allocation, permitting and other issues.
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Future of Grid Planning Debated at Infocast Transmission Summit
The industry must improve planning to account for changing resources and new load patterns, said experts at Infocast’s Transmission & Interconnection Summit.
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Overheard at Infocast Transmission & Interconnection Summit 2022
Frustration over the lack of transmission growth and interregional planning mixed with optimism over FERC’s recent rulemakings at the Transmission Summit.
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GETs: Long-term Solution or Niche Player?
Transmission planners see an increasing role for grid-enhancing technologies but disagree over whether they will be transformative or limited.
Jay Caspary
Ratepayers Protest FERC Retreat on Transmission Competition
Industrial energy users and other ratepayers are balking at FERC’s proposal to abandon Order 1000’s competition measures.
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Planners, Developers: Transmission not Keeping Pace with System Needs
Time is running out to build the infrastructure needed to meet climate challenges, transmission planners, generation developers and others warned.

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