July 16, 2024

Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR)

CEC Reduces Calif. Electricity Forecast on Lower Population Growth
Slower anticipated growth in California’s population has prompted state regulators to downwardly revise the electricity demand forecast used for grid planning. 
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CAISO CEO Lauds Transmission Planning Agreement
The California PUC, Energy Commission and CAISO signed an agreement that will help make CAISO's transmission planning more proactive, CEO Elliot Mainzer said.
California Takes Steps to Decarbonize Gas
The state Energy Commission adopted a key report and opened a proceeding aimed at decarbonizing the natural gas sector, including with heat pumps and hydrogen.
California Sets 6 Million Heat Pump Goal
The California Energy Commission adopted a goal of installing six million electric heat-pump HVAC units and water heaters in homes by 2030.

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