July 20, 2024

Integrating Markets and Public Policy (IMAPP)

NEPOOL Reconsiders Forward Clean Energy Market
NEPOOL is examining how it can adapt market rules to reach states' decarbonization goals through a forward clean energy market.
ISO-NE Files CASPR Proposal
ISO-NE asked for FERC approval of its two-stage capacity auction following months of negotiations that left the RTO’s stakeholders split.
New England Strives for CASPR Consensus
ISO New England (ISO-NE) stakeholders are trying to reach agreement on CASPR, a two-tier market construct to integrate state-sponsored renewables.
NEPOOL Markets Committee Briefs
ISO-NE advanced the idea of excluding competitive new resources from functioning as demand in a proposed “substitution” capacity auction.
Public Power Skeptical of ISO-NE Two-Tier Capacity Auction
Public power utilities in ISO-NE aren’t convinced that ISO-NE’s two-tiered capacity auction is the best way to incorporate clean energy procurements.
Trump Brings Uncertainty to ISO-NE, Regulators
Two panels at the Northeast Energy and Commerce Association Environmental Conference discussed the implications of Trump’s policies, including EPA cuts.
New England Seeks to Harmonize Markets, Renewables
New England regulators expressed optimism that they will find a way for wholesale markets to coexist with state energy policies at NECPUC.
ISO-NE Two-Tier Auction Proposal Gets FERC Airing
ISO-NE presented its proposal for a two-tiered capacity auction that would incorporate state-mandated renewable generation at the FERC technical conference.
State Climate Policies and Markets: Irreconcilable Differences?
Executives from PJM, NYISO and ISO-NE will gather with stakeholders at FERC to seek ways to incorporate policies on greenhouse gases into wholesale markets.
Study: New England Needs More Wind, Tx to Meet RPS Targets
New England states will not have enough renewable resources to meet the 2025 and 2030 targets in current renewable portfolio standards.

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