July 13, 2024

interconnection rights

Saavi Energía
FERC Rules for CAISO on Capacity Deliverability Rights Complaint
FERC denied a complaint by energy conglomerate Saavi alleging CAISO unlawfully terminated the full capacity deliverability rights for its gas-fired generating unit in Mexico that previously was interconnected with the ISO’s grid.
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RTOs, Utilities Push Back on Interconnection Deadlines, Penalties
RTOs and others opposed FERC's proposed penalties for missing interconnection study deadlines while generation developers balked at commercial readiness rules.
Advanced Solar Products
PJM PC/RMC Briefs: Dec. 14, 2021
Members praised work done by PJM in the stakeholder process in the development of new rules for the interconnection process.
Counterflow: Big Transmission — Still Not the Right Stuff
Columnist Steve Huntoon discusses the pitfalls of "Big Transmission" and suggests incremental expansions using existing transmission rights of way.
PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: March 9, 2021
PJM is looking to move forward in the stakeholder process to examine interconnection process reform.
FERC Seeks Details on RTO Hybrid Resource Treatment
FERC stopped short of ordering RTOs/ISOs to modify market rules to foster hybrid resources, instead directing them to submit reports on existing efforts.
FERC Upholds Ruling in PG&E Interconnection Case
FERC rejected PG&E’s request to rehear a case where the commission ruled interconnection customers could be harmed by changes occurring outside boundaries.
CAISO Developers Urge Interconnection Changes
Some energy resource developers in California say CAISO needs to change its interconnection rules to prevent financially unviable projects from lingering in the queue and affecting more sound projects.
MISO Eyes Small Queue Changes, Merchant DC Interconnections
MISO will submit two filings with FERC to further refine its new generation interconnection process, while a third will facilitate HVDC interconnection.

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