July 15, 2024

intertie bidding

FERC Accepts CAISO Intertie Changes
FERC gave fast-track approval to CAISO Tariff changes meant to discourage sellers from failing to deliver on import energy bids.
CAISO Defers Day-ahead, SATA Initiatives
CAISO is postponing stakeholder initiatives on day-ahead market enhancements and storage-as-transmission assets, while adding four new initiatives.
CAISO Raises Stakes for Intertie Non-delivery
CAISO’s Board of Governors approved a proposal to ensure bidders from outside the ISO deliver electricity as promised or face stringent financial penalties.
CAISO Gets Breathing Room on EIM Intertie Bidding from FERC
FERC said it will give CAISO more time to address its concerns over intertie bidding at the borders of the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM).

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