July 20, 2024

ITC Holdings Corp.

Senate Budget Committee
Senate Committee Looks into Climate Change’s Grid Impacts
Climate change is already causing billions of dollars in economic costs and infrastructure damage, including the power grid, the Senate Budget Committee heard.
MISO Trims Minnesota Line Route in JTIQ Portfolio
MISO has shortened one of the 345-kV lines contained in its $2 billion Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue portfolio with SPP, which will lower costs.
Michels Corporation
ITC Defends ROFR Use for Major Tx Buildout
Two ITC staffers insist that MISO’s 2016 market efficiency project is proof that rights of first refusal laws benefit the grid and ratepayers.
ITC Michigan
Stakeholders Ask MISO for 2nd Look at Michigan Expedited Project
Stakeholders requested MISO take a second look into its recommendation of an expedited transmission project in Michigan.
ITC Holdings Corp.
FERC Rejects Iowa Coalition’s Complaint over ITC Structure
ITC Midwest can keep the capital structure it has had in place since 2007, FERC decided, blocking a complaint led by Alliant Energy.
Jay Caspary
Ratepayers Protest FERC Retreat on Transmission Competition
Industrial energy users and other ratepayers are balking at FERC’s proposal to abandon Order 1000’s competition measures.
ITC Holdings
Alliant Energy Leads Challenge of ITC Midwest Capital Structure
A coalition of utilities, industrial customers and consumer advocates spearheaded by Alliant Energy is contesting ITC Midwest’s capital structure.
FERC Denies Rehearing, Clarifies Order 881 on Line Ratings
FERC denied rehearing requests from transmission providers and others on Order 881.
ITC Holdings
Michigan ROFR Bill Approved, Sent to Governor
A bill granting incumbent transmission owners the right of first refusal to build and operate transmission in Michigan won final legislative approval.
ITC Holdings
Michigan Senate OKs Transmission ROFR for Incumbent TOs
Michigan’s Senate voted to grant incumbent transmission owners the right of first refusal to build and operate new transmission lines in the state.

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