July 20, 2024

Lessons Unlearned: FERC’s Punt on Market Monitor’s Independence

FERC Ended Audit Without Talking to Key Witness
FERC effectively ended their 13-month inquiry of the SPP audit of MMU's independence without interviewing Oversight Committee Joshua W. Martin III.
Independent Market Monitors Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way
Joe Bowring and David Patton often disagree, but they are 100% in agreement on the need for independence in market monitoring.
State Regulators: FERC Probe into Bowring Allegations Fell Short
Bowring’s allegations at a FERC technical conference in 2007 that PJM attempted to muzzle his internal market monitoring unit shook the RTO to its roots.
SPP MMU Struggles to Find its Voice
The record shows that until the last 18 months, the SPP Market Monitoring Unit generally filed only testimony packaged with RTO filings.
SPP Squelching MMU Independence, Former Monitors Say
SPP has interfered with the autonomy of its internal MMU, according to two former monitors who say they were fired for voicing their concerns.
Order 719: FERC Balanced MMU Independence Against RTO Autonomy
The independence concerns raised by former SPP market monitors resulted in part from FERC’s compromises in Order 719.

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