July 18, 2024

Loads and Transmission (CELT) report

EDP Renewables
ISO-NE Expects to Have Sufficient Resources for the Summer
ISO-NE expects to have adequate resources to meet its projected 24,553-MW peak load this summer, the RTO announced as part of its summer outlook.
ISO-NE Predicts 10% Increase in Peak Demand by 2033
ISO-NE is predicting that New England’s peak load will increase by about 10%, and electricity consumption by 17%, by 2033, according to its 2024 Capacity, Energy, Loads and Transmission report.
ISO-NE Decreases Its 10-year Peak Load Forecast
ISO-NE is decreasing its peak load projections slightly for the next 10 years due to slower-than-expected EV adoption, managed charging programs and changes to its modeling of partial building electrification.
ISO-NE Sees Little Shortfall Risk for 2032
ISO-NE anticipates little risk of energy shortfall in the summer of 2032.

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