December 10, 2023

local resource zone

Unidentified: MISO to Use Prior Export Limit for Zone 5
The Resource Adequacy Subcommittee allowed MISO to use last year’s capacity export limit for Missouri’s Zone 5 after the RTO could not identify the limit.
PUCT Open Meeting Briefs: Nov. 17, 2017
The Public Utility of Commission of Texas welcomed Arthur C. D’Andrea, who replaced long-time Commissioner Ken Anderson as its third member.
MISO Resource Adequacy Subcommittee Briefs
Load forecast data for the MISO 2017/18 PRA shows that all local resource zones have enough capacity to meet their clearing requirements.
MISO Stakeholders Propose Changes to Market Efficiency Cost Allocation Process
Stakeholders support the MISO push to revise its cost allocation process for market efficiency projects, but their suggested approaches are a mixed bag.

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