July 13, 2024

Maine House of Representatives (ME House)

Roger Merchant
Maine Governor Vetoes Bill to Limit Regional Transmission Lines
Gov. Janet Mills vetoed a bill that she says would create barriers to development of transmission lines and hinder efforts to reach regional climate goals.
Versant Power
Maine Legislature Gives Final OK on Utility Accountability Bill
Legislators sent a bill to Gov. Janet Mills that would allow for up to a $1 million fine per year for utilities that fail to meet new service standards.
Versant Power
Maine Governor Revisits Vetoed Plan to Replace IOUs
A new bill from Gov. Janet Mills would set performance standards for the state’s electric utilities, with fees and possible divestiture for non-compliance.
Michael Surran, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Legislators Gear up to Reconsider Maine Generation Authority Bill
The Maine Generation Authority bill would create a state-run entity that builds renewable generation and is modeled after the Maine Turnpike Authority.
University of Maine
Maine Submits Fed Lease Application for Floating OSW Research
Maine says its small-scale offshore wind array will offer critical research opportunities and experience with floating turbine technology.
Agilitas Energy
New Maine Law Sets 400-MW Energy Storage Target for 2030
Gov. Janet Mills signed bills last week that advance energy storage, clean finance and floating offshore wind research in Maine.
In Maine’s GridMod Movement, Innovating on Flexibility Gains Traction
A growing interest in grid flexibility looks beyond demand management to accommodate and balance distributed generation and loads.
Dirigo Solar
Plan to Oust Maine’s IOUs Gains Momentum
A bill to replace Maine’s two IOUs with consumer-owned Pine Tree Power passed the House and Senate, but Gov. Mills is not fully behind it.
Bill to Dismantle Maine’s IOUs Moves Ahead
A bill that proposes replacing Maine’s biggest utilities with a consumer-owned nonprofit should go to the House for an initial vote next week.
Legislators Considering Bill to Replace Maine’s IOUs
The Maine PUC says a bill that would replace the state's two IOUs with a consumer-owned utility could frustrate grid modernization goals.

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