July 13, 2024

Manitoba Hydro

Reserve Shortfalls Seen for MISO and Ontario, MRO Told
Planned reserves will fall below reference margins in MISO and Ontario within the next five years, NERC told MRO.
Manitoba Hydro
FERC Rejects Inquiry on Manitoba Hydro Interconnection Fees
FERC rejected a request to rehear its October 2016 ruling requiring MISO to revise its interconnection fees.
FERC OKs Rule Changes on MISO-Manitoba Hydro Trades
FERC issued orders revising how MISO deals with its neighbors when incorporating power flows between the RTO and Manitoba Hydro.
MISO Reliability Subcommittee Briefs
Barring a FERC denial, MISO says it will begin sharing gas usage profiles of gas-fired generators with three natural gas pipeline owners before winter.
MISO to Make Up Manitoba Hydro Reserves During Spring Outages
Manitoba Hydro will reimburse MISO for providing extra contingency reserves during May, when maintenance outages are expected to reduce transfer capability.
SPP Briefs: Wind Records, Canadian Border as POS
SPP continues to set records for wind penetration, nearing ERCOT's national record of 45.14%.
Manitoba-Minnesota Tx Line Granted Rate Incentives
ALLETE won FERC approval last week for rate incentives on the Great Northern Transmission Line between Manitoba and Minnesota.

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