December 10, 2023

market-based rate authority (MBRA)

FERC IDs Deficiencies in Western RA Program
FERC asked for more information on the Western Resource Adequacy Program, including how it would accommodate participants without market-based rate authority.
Western Area Power Administration
FERC Revokes Tri-State’s Market-based Rate Authority in WACM
FERC revoked Tri-State's market-based rate authority in the Western Area Power Administration's Colorado-Missouri balancing authority area.
FERC Rebuffs PJM Monitor in Accepting Kestrel Market Power Analysis
FERC rejected a protest by PJM’s Monitor in approving Kestrel’s updated market power analysis, saying its complaints were directed at the RTO’s rules.
Southern Co.
FERC Removes Southern Co. Mitigation in SC
FERC agreed to remove market mitigation measures for Southern Co. in South Carolina, saying the utility meets the standards for market-based rate authority.
PJM Monitor Challenges MBRAs over Market Power
PJM’s Monitor opened another front in its bid to strengthen its market power rules, challenging the renewals of rate authorizations in 14 dockets.
FERC OKs Basin Electric’s Market-based Rates
FERC approved Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s request to make wholesale sales of energy, capacity and ancillary services at market-based rates.
FERC Upholds Orders 860, 861
FERC denied multiple requests for rehearing and clarification of Orders 860 and 861, which concerned reporting requirements and screens for MBR sellers.
FERC Denies Rehearing on NY Nuke Market Rates
FERC denied a challenge to its order granting market-based rate authority to Exelon’s FitzPatrick nuclear plant and approved the sale of Empire Generating.
Tucson Electric Power Maintains MBRA
TEP retained its right to sell power at market-based rates after FERC concluded it does not exercise market power within its balancing authority area.
FERC Reduces MBRA Data Requirements
FERC reduced paperwork for electricity sellers with market-based rate authority, while Commissioner Richard Glick dissented on connected entities.

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