December 2, 2023

market power

CAISO CEO Defends Blackouts Response
Top officials discussed CAISO’s handling of California’s mid-August blackouts and actions to avoid future shortages in a webinar.
FERC Ends Idaho Power MBRA Probe
FERC found Idaho Power had satisfied standards for market-based rate authority and terminated a proceeding it had ordered to find out if the utility was exercising market power in its BAA.
FERC Reaffirms ISO-NE Winter Program Cost
FERC reaffirmed its conclusion that the results of ISO-NE’s 2013/14 Winter Reliability Program were just and reasonable despite the fact that the largest participants may have had market power.
FERC OKs FES Sale to Bondholders
FERC approved FirstEnergy Solutions’ bankruptcy plan by allowing investment funds to convert secured and unsecured bond claims into a 50% equity stake.
CAISO Advances Systemwide Market Power Plan
CAISO is moving ahead with a plan to stem systemwide market power, even though not everyone is convinced the effort is necessary.
FERC Denies Rehearing on NY Nuke Market Rates
FERC denied a challenge to its order granting market-based rate authority to Exelon’s FitzPatrick nuclear plant and approved the sale of Empire Generating.
CAISO Board OKs Market Power Mitigation Remedy
CAISO’s Board unanimously approved a proposal to address concerns that the ISO’s market power mitigation rules disincentivize participation in the EIM.
FERC Again Rejects CAISO ‘Market Values’ Plan
FERC again rejected CAISO’s proposal to change the way generators register their capabilities with the ISO, denying a plan that could allow participants to exercise market power.
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FERC Proposes Market Screen Exemptions
FERC proposed to exempt market participants in ISO-NE, MISO, NYISO and PJM from its indicative horizontal market power screens.
CORRECTED: FERC Seeks More Info on CPV Plant’s Ownership
FERC ruled CPV must provide additional information to prove it adequately mitigated market power at its newly opened Towantic Energy Center.

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