July 19, 2024

market to market (M2M)

Western Area Power Administration
MISO Lodges 2nd Complaint Against SPP over Disputed Crypto Load on M2M Flowgate
MISO has registered a separate complaint with FERC to retract market-to-market coordination with SPP on a contentious flowgate persistently taxed by a North Dakota cryptocurrency mining operation.
SPP, MISO Clash over Crypto-strained M2M Flowgate
SPP, MISO and its Independent Market Monitor are at odds over how congestion should be managed on a market-to-market flowgate taxed by a cryptocurrency mining operation within SPP’s borders.
Potomac Economics
Crypto Load on MISO-SPP M2M Constraint Draws Complaint from Montana-Dakota Utilities
Montana-Dakota Utilities filed a complaint against MISO and SPP over a market-to-market flowgate chronically congested by a new cryptocurrency mining operation in SPP.
Potomac Economics
MISO and IMM: M2M Flowgate Issue with SPP not Sustainable, May Require Litigation
MISO and its Independent Market Monitor agree legal action is likely concerning the RTO’s payments to SPP for a market-to-market flowgate.
SPP Briefs: Week of Aug. 8, 2022
Canadian utility SaskPower and SPP have signed a 20-year agreement to more than quadruple transmission capacity between the two entities.
SPP Seams Advisory Group Briefs: June 15, 2022
SPP staff added details to a joint proposal with MISO for replacing their affected systems study process with interregional transmission analyses.
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MISO, SPP Hold 1st Common Seams Initiatives Meeting
MISO and SPP’s inaugural Common Seams Initiatives meeting discussed transmission reconfigurations and the search for interregional transmission projects.
SPP Reviewing its M2M Processes After MISO Monitor’s Comments
SPP staff are conducting internal discussions on how they manage MISO constraints in the day-ahead market as part of the RTOs’ market-to-market process.
MISO-SPP Joint Study to Focus on M2M Congestion
MISO and SPP say this year’s coordinated system plan study will focus on “solutions to historical, persistent congestion issues” on the RTOs’ seam.
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SPP Board of Directors/Markets Committee Briefs: April 26, 2022
SPP’s Board of Directors approved the RTO’s fourth competitive transmission project, awarding a $55 million, 345-kV facility to NextEra Energy Transmission.

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