July 20, 2024

maximum generation event

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MISO Explains How August Max Gen Event Didn’t Trigger Emergency Pricing
MISO expounded on why its late August maximum generation emergency wasn’t met with prices dictated by its emergency offer floors.
MISO Demand Up, Prices Down During Bumpy August
MISO's August demand rose compared to a year ago, while prices dropped by nearly two-thirds.
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MISO: Could Have Employed Wait-and-see Approach for August Emergency
MISO officials said they probably could have held off their decision to call a summertime emergency in late August.
MISO Expects Sedate Fall, Emerges Unscathed from Heat Emergency
MISO said it can likely take on fall with sufficient capacity and minimal operating challenges.
DTE Energy
MISO Calls 1st Summertime Emergency amid Systemwide Heat Wave
MISO instated maximum generation procedures Thursday to manage a pervasive heat wave blanketing its footprint.
Xcel Energy
MISO Preps for Heat Wave, Anticipates Annual Demand Peak
MISO has enacted conservative operations, a hot weather alert and a capacity advisory for its Midwest region ahead of a widespread heat wave set to bake the U.S. this week.
Entergy Arkansas
MISO Winter Recap Centers on December Emergency
MISO’s annual winter lookback focused almost exclusively on operations during the widespread Dec. 23 deep freeze.
Entergy Arkansas
MISO Defends Energy Exports During December Storm
MISO continues to defend its decision to export gigawatts of power to its neighbors during the expansive, late December winter storm.
MISO Data Show Steep Gas-fired Outages During Winter Storm
MISO issued a breakdown of unplanned generation outages during Winter Storm Elliott, showing substantial unavailability across natural gas generation.
MISO Actions During December Storm Spark Debate
MISO’s December emergency declaration ignited a debate over whether the RTO should enter emergency procedures to sustain its neighbors during extreme weather.

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