July 13, 2024

MISO Board of Directors

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Extensions Likely for MISO’s Term-limited Board Members
MISO and its board are scrutinizing the steps they can take to preserve institutional knowledge on the board of directors as they confront half of board members reaching term limits this year and next.
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IMM Tells MISO to Do More to Curb Fake DR Schemes
MISO’s Independent Market Monitor told the board the RTO must crack down on confirmations to prevent more phony demand response from infiltrating its markets.
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Board OKs MISO Budget Increase for 2024
MISO’s base operating budget will increase 15% in 2024, mostly due to the grid operator adding about 70 staff positions.
MISO Welcomes Former Ford Exec to Board
The MISO Board of Directors next year will boast a former Ford Motor Co. executive after a vote of MISO membership.
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MISO Board of Directors Briefs: Sept. 14, 2023
The MISO Board of Directors addressed adding a former Ford executive to its ranks and MISO's proposed, nearly $400 million 2024 budget.
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MISO: Could Have Employed Wait-and-see Approach for August Emergency
MISO officials said they probably could have held off their decision to call a summertime emergency in late August.
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MISO: Reliability Risk Upped by 49 GW in Approved but Unbuilt Generation
MISO’s quarterly Board Week explored the reasons behind its growing number of generation projects that have the stamp of approval to connect to the system but remain unbuilt.
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Salaries, Benefits Push MISO over Budget
MISO said the money it must expend on payroll and medical benefits will push it over budget through the end of the year.
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MISO Defends New Curb on Director-Regulator Meetings
MISO calls a board interaction rule change that places limits on MISO board member and regulator meetups necessary, but a few state regulators are skeptical.
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MISO Board of Directors Briefs: March 23, 2023
MISO’s chair said the board may pursue term waivers to enable term-limited members to continue providing guidance and avoiding loss of institutional knowledge.

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