December 9, 2023

MISO Market Subcommittee

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MISO Explains How Aug. Max Gen Event Didn’t Trigger Emergency Pricing
MISO expounded on why its late August maximum generation emergency wasn’t met with prices dictated by its emergency offer floors.
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MISO Wants Hybrid Resources’ Separate Market Participation
MISO says it’s leaning toward a simplified method to handle the market participation of combination battery storage and renewable energy resources.
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MISO Proposes Review of Improvement Ideas’ ‘Parking Lot’
MISO is proposing a round of elimination and biennial reviews of its “parking lot” list of improvement ideas, with some stakeholders putting up resistance.
MISO Predicts Easier Operations in Fall
As it navigates a tough summer, MISO is more optimistic on its ability to successfully manage fall operations.
MISO to Limit Market Error Resettlement Times
MISO intends to adjust the time it allows itself to retroactively correct market pricing errors, stakeholders learned during a Market Subcommittee meeting.
Big Rivers Electric Corp.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs: Jan. 27, 2022
The Market Subcommittee discussed how a storage asset solving transmission needs could also participate in the energy market.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs: Dec. 1, 2021
MISO's Market Subcommittee covered changes to the Integrated Roadmap, the migration to a new member interface and making load forecasting data more accessible.
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MISO Wants Abridged Stakeholder Meeting Schedule
When it emerges from the worst of the pandemic, MISO wants to limit its in-person stakeholder committee schedule to eight in-person meeting weeks per year.

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