July 19, 2024

MISO Market Subcommittee

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MISO to Limit Use of $10K VOLL During Long-duration Outages
MISO said stakeholders have convinced it to design an off switch on its proposed $10,000/MWh value of lost load to use during extended load-shedding events.
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MISO Subcommittee to Act on Bad Actor Demand Response
MISO’s Market Subcommittee will assist MISO in drafting tariff requirements to discourage market participants from committing fraud in MISO’s demand response market.
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MISO Wants $10K VOLL, a Nearly Threefold Increase
MISO says its extensive analysis shows its current $3,500/MWh value of lost load should be raised to $10,000/MWh.
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MISO’s MSC to Debate Multiday Gas Requirements
MISO’s Market Subcommittee likely will discuss either a multiday gas purchase requirement or a multiday gas unit commitment process for use during extreme cold.
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MISO Ditching Never-used Weather Curve Offer Style
MISO said it will file by the end of the month to scrap a clunky and all-but-abandoned generator offer style from its tariff.
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MISO Holds Steady in Mid-Jan. Storm with Help from Wind
MISO dodged the need for emergency procedures during a mid-January cold blast that brought consecutive days of subzero temperatures to the Midwest.
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MISO Explains How August Max Gen Event Didn’t Trigger Emergency Pricing
MISO expounded on why its late August maximum generation emergency wasn’t met with prices dictated by its emergency offer floors.
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MISO Wants Hybrid Resources’ Separate Market Participation
MISO says it’s leaning toward a simplified method to handle the market participation of combination battery storage and renewable energy resources.
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MISO Proposes Review of Improvement Ideas’ ‘Parking Lot’
MISO is proposing a round of elimination and biennial reviews of its “parking lot” list of improvement ideas, with some stakeholders putting up resistance.
MISO Predicts Easier Operations in Fall
As it navigates a tough summer, MISO is more optimistic on its ability to successfully manage fall operations.

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