July 23, 2024

MISO Resource Adequacy Subcommittee (RASC)

MISO: Sloped Curve Would Have Raised 2024/25 Capacity Auction Prices
As it gears up to run its first auctions using sloped demand curves, MISO said prices and procurement would have risen had it used them in this year’s auctions.
Renewable Group Asks MISO Community to Consider HVDC Capacity
A renewable energy trade group asked MISO to put more thought into how HVDC transmission’s ability to infuse the footprint with more external capacity could influence MISO’s capacity auctions.
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MISO: New Capacity Accreditation Filing Imminent
MISO is determined to file with FERC by the end of March to introduce a probabilistic capacity accreditation that’s controversial among its stakeholders.
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MISO Set on March Accreditation Filing, Stakeholders Push for Slowdown
MISO said it has landed on a final design in its quest to move to a sweeping capacity accreditation that will better measure generators’ availability based on predetermined risky hours.
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MISO Continues to Find Mounting Retirements, Inadequate New Capacity in Abridged Resource Assessment
MISO again found planned generation retirements continue to outstrip additions in its third annual Regional Resource Assessment
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MISO Defers Unpopular Capacity Accreditation Filing, Remains Committed to Design
MISO said it will push back a contentious filing for a new, marginal approach to capacity accreditation into early next year.
MISO Strengthens Resolve on Marginal Capacity Accreditation, Stakeholders Displeased
Stakeholders remain frustrated with MISO’s plan to enact a marginal capacity accreditation as staff insist that the approach will measure the true value of capacity.
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MISO Intent on Marginal Accreditation and Requirements Based on Risky Hours
MISO is holding to its plan to enact a widescale marginal capacity accreditation while swapping risky hours for peak load to calculate its reserve margin requirements.
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MISO Stakeholders Debate Capacity Accreditation, RA
MISO’s attempt to justify a new resource accreditation process gave way to heated debate over how to best alleviate the footprint’s reliability challenges.
Stakeholders Cry Foul on MISO’s Resource Accreditation Pivot
Less than a year after it got permission to debut a new availability-based accreditation, MISO is proposing to reformulate how it accredits its resources.

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