July 19, 2024

MISO Steering Committee

MidAmerican Energy Co., Berkshire Hathaway Energy
MISO’s MSC to Debate Multiday Gas Requirements
MISO’s Market Subcommittee likely will discuss either a multiday gas purchase requirement or a multiday gas unit commitment process for use during extreme cold.
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MISO Members Re-establish Stakeholder Governance Group
Stakeholder committee chairs restored a MISO stakeholder governance group to manage matters related to the RTO’s stakeholder governance guide.
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MISO Members Want to Revive Stakeholder Governance Group
Members are proposing that MISO resurrect the Stakeholder Governance Working Group, which formerly managed MISO’s Stakeholder Governance Guide.
MISO Pledges Review of On-hold Stakeholder Ideas
MISO is refreshing its longstanding “parking lot” of improvement ideas submitted to the grid operator; some ideas have been in a holding pattern for years.
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MISO Steering Committee Blocks Adds to Stakeholder Guidelines
Chairs of MISO’s stakeholder committees this week elected not to adopt rules to regulate stakeholder presentations in meetings.
MISO Members Aim for Mandatory Consultant Transparency
A controversial rule requiring consultants to be upfront about who they represent could be codified in MISO’s Stakeholder Governance Guide.
Entergy Consultant Under Fire for Covert Role in MISO
Tensions have been building among MISO stakeholders over what some perceive as an undercover Entergy plant in stakeholder meetings.
DR Firm Says 2020 No Benchmark for MISO LMRs
Voltus, a DR aggregator, has asked MISO market participants not to rely on 2020 data for the 2021/22 enrollment of load-modifying resources.
MISO Weighs Rule on Consultant Transparency
MISO’s Steering Committee is considering proposing a rule that would require consultants to identify clients they represent when participating in stakeholder meetings.
Virus Fear Sends MISO Board Week to the Web
MISO said it will hold its quarterly Board Week via conference call only, canceling the New Orleans event as the COVID-19 coronavirus extends its reach.

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