July 13, 2024

multiday commitments

NEPOOL Debates Winter Energy Security Moves
New England Power Pool stakeholders are discussing potential changes to ISO-NE wholesale energy markets to improve winter fuel security.
MISO Researching 30-Minute Reserves, Multiday Commitments
MISO’s market planners outlined a potential 30-minute reserve product to reduce uplift and multiday generator commitments to cut production costs.
8 Projects Set for 2018 MISO Market Roadmap
MISO and its members have selected eight market-improvement projects from its annual Market Roadmap to focus on in 2018.
Early Analysis Favors MISO Use of Multi-Day Commitments
MISO’s preliminary analysis of implementing multi-day unit commitments shows the project may be worthwhile.
MISO Exploring Multiday Market
MISO is testing the waters for creating a multiday energy market that would keep generators with long start-up times switched on for more than one day.

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