July 20, 2024

narrowly constrained area (NCA)

MISO Wins OK for Dynamic Narrowly Constrained Areas
MISO won FERC permission to expand its mitigation measures on narrowly constrained areas to address intense but temporary congestion.
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MISO to Address FERC Query on Constrained Areas
MISO will file a response to FERC’s recent deficiency letter on the RTO’s new constrained area category after an internal review.
MISO Embraces Monitor’s New Constrained Area Category
MISO proposed creating a new category of narrowly constrained areas (NCAs) identified by momentary congestion and associated market power.
MISO IMM Recommends Tighter Rules for Constrained Areas
MISO’s IMM is recommending the RTO expand mitigation measures on constrained areas by creating a new definition aimed at periods of temporary congestion.

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