July 23, 2024

natural gas plants

Report: Energy Storage Would Save Indiana Utilities $73M
Three Indiana utilities could save customers a combined $73 million if they ditched plans to build new gas plants and invested in battery storage, report says.
SACE Urges FERC Inquiry into Proposed TVA Gas Plant
The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy advised FERC that TVA’s justification of a new gas plant construction is faulty, urging FERC to make its own assessment.
New Tech Needed for 100% Clean Energy, WECC Says
A WECC study found that the West needs emerging technologies capable of replicating the performance of gas plants to reach 100% clean energy by 2040.
Vistra Energy
California Can Get By Without More Gas, Energy Commission Says
The California Energy Commission updated its midterm reliability analysis for 2022-2026, concluding California has enough capacity without adding fossil fuels.

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