December 3, 2023

negative pricing

CAISO Department of Market Monitoring
CAISO Q1 Prices Surge on Lower Hydro, Higher Gas
CAISO prices surged in Q1 on falling hydroelectric output and increased costs for natural gas, the ISO’s Department of Market Monitoring told stakeholders.
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Vote to Make Variable Resources Dispatchable Falls Short at MOPC
The SPP MOPC failed to endorse a revision that would have required non-dispatchable variable energy resources (NDVERs) to register as dispatchable.
SPP Briefs: Week of Feb. 13, 2018
The SPP board approved a Tariff revision that incorporates a refund obligation for the RTO's nonpublic transmission-owning utility members.
SPP Market Monitor: Negative Prices May Require Rule Changes
SPP’s Marketing Monitoring Unit says it is concerned with a “marked increase” in the frequency of negative price intervals.
Exelon in Lobbying Push to Save Ill. Nukes
Lobbyists from Exelon have descended on Illinois lawmakers, warning that current energy prices and what renewable energy subsidies could force them to shut down three nuclear stations in the state.

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