December 10, 2023

network upgrades

National Grid Renewables
Renewable Developers Challenge MISO’s Lower Congestion Limit
A group of renewable developers lodged a complaint at FERC over MISO’s pursuit of a smaller system impact threshold on interconnecting generation.
ACORE Report Highlights Billions of Dollars in PJM’s Generator Queue
An ACORE report found billions of dollars that PJM's queue reforms could unlock in the next few years, but added that proactive transmission planning could lead to even more renewables and their associated benefits being added to the grid.
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MISO Puts 2 Tx Planning Improvement Suggestions on Hold
MISO said it will salvage two to-do items from its effort a few years ago to better link up interconnection trends with annual transmission planning.
Brosz Engineering
FERC Accepts Unexecuted Agreements Filed in Protest
FERC accepted unexecuted network upgrade agreements for wind farms in the Dakotas and Minnesota despite uncertainty over who should finance the upgrades.
SOO Green
FERC Blocks MISO Self-fund Rule for Merchant HVDC Line Upgrades
FERC rejected a transmission owner self-funding option for HVDC projects in a decision that could save millions for developers like SOO Green.
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FERC Establishes Paper Hearing on PJM Rate-base Network Upgrades
FERC ordered a paper hearing on the PJM transmission owner’s proposed tariff revisions to add network upgrades to rate base, requesting more information.
MISO Central Tx Projects Face $2B in Upgrade Costs
A cycle of generation projects in MISO’s Central planning region has accrued a whopping $2 billion in upgrades in order to connect to the transmission system. 
Xcel Energy
FERC Accepts Documents in MISO TOs’ Self-fund Selection
The first amended agreements are trickling in following FERC's 2018 decision to reinstate transmission owners’ rights to self-fund network upgrades.
More Unexecuted FSAs in MISO Self-funding Squabble
FERC ushered through three more unexecuted facilities service agreements (FSAs) between MISO, wind developers and transmission owners.
FERC Maintains MISO TO Self-funding Authority
FERC approved unexecuted facilities service agreements for three NextEra Energy wind projects that refused to complete the FSAs in protest of a 2018 order.

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