July 13, 2024

New Jersey Senate (NJ Senate)

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NJ Senate Energy Committee Backs PJM Interconnection ‘Skip’ for Solar
New Jersey’s Senate Environment and Energy Committee passed a bill supporters said would allow grid-scale solar projects of up to 20 MW to bypass PJM’s interconnection queue and connect to the grid through their local utility.
New Jersey Lawmakers Back $250 Annual EV Fee
New Jersey legislators sent a bill to the governor’s desk March 18 that would place a $250-a-year fee on zero emissions vehicles.
NJ Legislators Consider $300M for Grid Upgrades
New Jersey's grid upgrade bill would require each of the state’s four electric utilities to develop and implement a plan to modernize the electric transmission and distribution system.
NJ Panel Backs Bill to Increase Distribution Capacity for Renewables
A New Jersey Senate panel OK'd a bill requiring utilities to upgrade their distribution infrastructure to increase their capacity for renewable generation.  
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New Jersey Senators Back Grid Connection Fee Revision
A Senate committee endorsed a revision of how clean energy grid connections are funded and advanced bills to give tax credits to help install EV charging stations and retrofit warehouses for rooftop solar.
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New Jersey Broadens Public Solar Remote Net Metering Rules
New Jersey has enacted new remote net metering rules that increase the size and scope of solar projects eligible for the program, but are less ambitious than lawmakers sought.
New Jersey Backs Geothermal Study, EV Charger Bills
Lawmakers gave final passage to bills to study geothermal heat pump systems, promote electric vehicle charger installation and require status updates of residential solar systems in home sales.
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NJ Ready for Clean Energy Advance in 2024 After OSW Meltdown
Clean energy in New Jersey moved forward in 2023 with community solar and Advanced Clean Cars II, and in reverse with the shutdown of the Ocean Wind offshore development.
New Jersey EV Charger Bill Sparks Scrutiny of Demand Charges
The bill seeks to accelerate the installation of direct current fast chargers by giving commercial charger operators a break on rates.
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New Jersey Senate Advances Electric School Bus Pilot Program
New Jersey would allocate $15 million from the current state budget for the first year of the state’s electric school bus program.

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